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I'm crazy!  Yup, I'm crazy about dinosaurs.  And what was driving me completely over the edge was that the American Museum of Natural History had a special dinosaur project running that was just about to end.  Grabbing my camera, I jumped on the "F" train, transferred to the "C" train and and ran up the stairs of this magnificent museum to capture what was going to be taken down in another 10 days.  Bones, fangs, beaks and a large and life-size diorama that made my heart pound with with the thud of a hungry T-Rex.

For excellent animated dioramas and graphics of extinct dinosaur and mammalian life, I'd suggest you go to


Dinosaur aficionado's will enjoy this movie.  By the diorama, they had a mechanized dinosaur, running "bare to the bone" and in Public.  Shameless!

Just Double Click the Play button on viewer.

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