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It's been said that eyes are the key to the soul.  Well, if not the key, they are certainly the gateway.  Have a walk inside but try not to make too much noise.

Eye of a Rooster hiding out and on the lam in Prospect Park Brooklyn NY

Application photo for a Scholarship to Harvard Law School

Hidden eyes of a reincarnated Andy Warhol

On a cold day in March 1993, I carried a little female kitten home beneath my jacket.

Today, January 14, 2007, you passed on.  Goodbye Tuffie.

I can no longer touch you, but your eyes will forever embrace my soul.

Rescued by a nose.  A very grateful Dexter cow. Zoo farm, Brooklyn, NY

You're not looking at me, dummy .. I'm looking at you!

Napoleon... eye of bird with a mission.  Click for his story.

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