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Summer Sunset in Park Slope Brooklyn

Boy, am I going to be sorry that I put this segment into the website.  Unlike my lovely wife and myself, Park Slope Brooklyn has become a haven for wealthy liberal "Progressive" types and rents have gone sky high.  Homes are completely out of a reasonable price range and if my landlord (who's really very nice) sees this segment, she's going to pester me to get a new kitchen and bathroom so that my modest rent can be increased.

Nevertheless, I felt compelled to share some photos I've taken over the years, so that the world can see that Brooklyn New York is more than a haven for Mafioso and gangs.  It's a nice place.  It's a really nice place and I've spent my life here.  It's been particularly wonderful having spent the last three decades in Park Slope with my wonderful wife Caryl.  Perhaps it's she, that really makes this place so special in my heart.

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