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To me, the true beauty of Prospect Park in Brooklyn New York is that everywhere I walk with my lovely wife Caryl, she gives nature an unworldly quality that poets and artists could only dream of capturing.

Prospect Park was designed by the same person who landscaped internationally known Central Park in Manhattan.  When finished, he claimed that all the mistakes of Central Park were eliminated in this Jewel of Brooklyn.  Almost 600 acres of lakes, rolling hills, water falls, gorges and 100 year old trees create everything from dense forests to calm pastures.

It has become a haven for wildlife that range from the transient to permanent residents.  And some of them are unique indeed, with their own personalities and appearances.


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Something told me to bring my camera and I wasn't disappointed.  Sitting on a bicycle in the Sheep Meadow (which really was a sheep meadow some 120 years ago), was a flock of very social parrots.  Their human companion told me that his friends like taking rides in the Park and when they weren't having a breeze blow through their feathers, they visited nursing homes to the joy of its residents.

So our doggie LulaMae II is entertaining a bunch of people with her Frisbee antics, when a young woman begins shouting "He stole it, he stole it!" I asked her what happened and she pointed at a squirrel sitting high in a tree.  "He stole my doughnut," she replied.  I asked her if she offered the squirrel her coffee to go with the doughnut, but that didn't go over too well.

After years, Robins began making an appearance again in the park.  Within a few seasons, they filled the Park, which they do to this day.  But there's always an "odd bird" as can be seen by this speckled Robin Red Breast, too snobbish to hang out with the mundane.

Don't dogs deserve their own fountain?

We couldn't believe it when we saw this pure white Squirrel.  It's not an albino and has the rich brown eyes of its relatives.  Squirrels of grey and black hues abound in the park, but this one is unique.  He's not shy of cameras, but you have to know where and when it will make an appearance.

Here he is again.  Maybe some time in the future, we'll become friends.

Of course, there is mystery in Prospect Park.  If you look closely at the trunk of this rather innocuous tree, you see images forming that bear a close resemblance to an extraterrestrial.  Is alien DNA being implanted in Park foliage to create a race of grey critters to conquer an unsuspecting and complacent humanity?  Invasion of the trunk snatchers?  Someone should warn the world. 

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